Developing Human Capital

Developing people is key for organizations to effectively tackle emerging challenges. We work with clients to improve your ability to address issues and lead change through innovative approaches to people and organizational development. Our capabilities include:

Learning and Development

We partner with clients to create stimulating thought provoking learning environments aimed at improving human and organizational performance. Foursight has trained leaders and professionals on a broad range of topics related to leadership, team and interpersonal effectiveness. Drawing on a wealth of experience from needs analysis to design and development to program evaluation we ensure that each learning intervention is targeted at client needs.

Organizational Intervention

Is your organization facing substantial change? Does your team need to be re-energized? We conduct organizational assessments to design interventions to revitalize your organization, improve team effectiveness and strengthen your senior leadership team.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

In today’s business world, performance matters. You are judged by your last project, production and daily successes or failures. It is all about being savvy, reaching goals, common sense, street smarts, resilience and adaptability. We offer business and executive consulting and coaching services to assist with personal and leadership development.

What our clients are saying about our coaching services:

“After struggling through a rough time both personally and professionally, I needed to reset and figure out what I was doing wrong. Raymond Lefort, from Foursight Consulting, was able to help me through this difficult process. At first I was a  bit skeptical about the process, but today I can say that I have a new lease on life and things have never been better.I found a good balance that works for me. Now it’s clear what makes me happy, what’s important to me and I have some new tools to help me stay focused and maintain this new state of being. Life is good, Thanks!”

“I have been using Judy Laws, from Foursight Consulting, as my coach for over a year now.  I initially reached out to her to help me advance my career by preparing me for an executive role.  As I started working with Judy I immediately recognized the value that she would bring to me both professionally as well as personally. Her coaching qualities that most resonate with me are her caring nature, her ability to listen and act as a sounding board for my ideas and finally her ability to help me discover that the answer to most problems comes from within myself. Judy has helped coach me in a number of aspects of my professional career.  Specifically, as a result of Judy’s coaching I have been able to create an environment that transformed my staff into a high performing team, she has helped me gain the confidence to interact effectively with senior executives and most importantly she has provided me with the skills to achieve a greater awareness of myself. Coaching is very much a journey about one’s self and I am glad to have Judy Laws along this journey with me. Judy is without a doubt, my biggest cheerleader.  If anyone is looking for a coach that is able to meld theoretical concepts with practical experience I highly recommend her.”

Managing the People Side of Change.

The effectiveness of a change management plan is determined by its quality and accuracy in meeting the organization’s needs. It is also dependent on the degree to which those who must carry out embrace it. A critical task for leaders is to prepare and deal proactively with the impact of change on their people. We help clients successfully lead and implement change.