Enhancing Innovation

Foursight provides business-consulting services that empower clients to transform their business and technology capability. We deliver capabilities that enhance the effectiveness of your organization’s strategy, processes, or operations in the following dimensions:

Business Re-engineering

Is your business getting in the way of DOING business? We can help you gain insight into your operation and help improve the quality and effectiveness of the services you deliver. We can help identify bottlenecks and problem areas in your operations that result in reduced service quality or cost inefficiencies.

Strategy development

Is IT viewed as a cost centre? Is your goal to become a strategic enabler to achieve corporate goals? We can help you develop strategic and tactical plans to enable your organization to reach its goals. Allow us to review your IT department and provide you with an unbiased external assessment of the value IT is delivering. Alternatively, bring our consultants in to work with you in developing your strategic plan.


Need an objective external facilitator to help you achieve your required outcomes? Foursight provides expert facilitation services for meetings, workout sessions, focus groups, and conferences. What makes us successful: lots of upfront preparation to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the client’s issues. Off-line discussions with participants before the session so we know where people stand. Finally, strong facilitation to get at the real issues and raise the tough questions in ways that result in understanding and, ultimately, consensus.