Enhancing Innovation

Ever wondered why great ideas are often discarded?

Zenith invented a Walkman-type personal stereo almost 10 years before Sony did; however, top management derided it as a ridiculous toy, killed the project, and gave the production away to charity.

At Foursight, we use our deep understanding of how teams work and learn to unlock the ideas within; but this alone is insufficient. We are experienced in harvesting the best ideas and helping our clients put them into action to drive results. Great ideas applied. It’s that simple. If you are interested in how our approach could benefit you, consider the following dimensions:

The Innovative Leader

Developing leader’s knowledge, skills, and behaviours to lead creatively and develop innovation capacity within your organization.


Customized programs in the areas of building a culture of innovation and unleashing creativity through techniques in creative problem solving.

Processes and Tools

Providing tools and processes, such as Creative Problem Solving, to help organizations exploit their innovation potential for solving high impact problems. Interested in seeing more…consult the ideas section of our website.

Conference Presentations

Keynote addresses on topics such as: Unleashing Creativity; Recognizing and Profiting from Opportunities; A Call for a Different Kind of Thinking…