Optimizing IT Investment

Whether maximizing the value IT delivers to your organization, getting an unbiased external assessment, or facing an outsourcing decision, we bring years of operations and management experience to help you deliver improved results to your organization. We work with clients along a number of dimensions:


Whether you are considering outsourcing or currently have an outsourcing arrangement in place, we can bring decades of experience to help you achieve the benefits of outsourcing. We can assist you in selecting a vendor, establishing an effective governance framework for a new agreement, ensuring services are smoothly transfer to the outsourcer and conducting a mid-contract review to achieve your stated goals.

Operations Management

Day to day operational demands often leave you little time for planning. Let us bring external expertise to relieve the day-to-day pressures. With temporary assistance our customers can now address strategic issues and focus on new initiatives.

Operations Audit Evaluations

We can provide an unbiased external perspective to assess the overall performance of your IT operations, assist with performance benchmarking, develop and implement remediation plans to improve overall IT performance.

Customer Service Management

Whether creating service agreements with your end-user departments, managing effectively a growing workload of requests for new services or building a customer focused culture in your IT organization we bring practical experience and in-depth knowledge to ensure your success.